Crestron proves the right medicine for Johnson & Johnson

Crestron proves the right medicine for Johnson & Johnson

Crestron Johnsen and Johnsen

Pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson wanted to group three different small sites into one location and chose the Oracle building in Zaventem (Belgium) as its main premises. The building was transformed into offices and became Johnson Medical.

The building has an international character because of its proximity to Brussels Airport which is why there was a real need for space and sufficient meeting rooms.  Dieter Van Rooy at Johnson & Johnson says: “The choice for Crestron was made years ago. Working more closely with the US, we have made certain agreements on standards. Due to its functionality, Crestron’s Roomview became the standard.” 

Johnson & Johnson opted for Avex as the audiovisual integrator for the project thanks to their expertise on Crestron. Tom Schuermans at Avex comments: “We built on our current knowledge and expertise and tied that in with the requirements Johnson & Johnson had”.

A total, of 45 meeting rooms were fitted out ranging from small, medium to big, all with the same look and feel. Based on the functionality of the meeting room, the concept was further developed. The main focus was u’serfriendliness. Each meeting room is equipped with a monitor on the wall, a touch screen and the possibility to go digital.

Energy efficiency was an important issue as the building is LEED certified (the international durability standard that judges buildings on its environmental policy). This is why each meeting room uses an MPC-M5 that is connected to the network and can be consulted via Roomview to get an overview. The movement and sound sensors ensure that everything automatically gets disconnected when the last person has left the room. The bigger the room, the more functionalities are involved.

In the bigger meeting rooms, everything is controlled with a white TPS-6X touch screen. The audio conferences require built in microphones which are also controlled with the TPS-6X and all light, audio and visual control happens centrally. The rooms are also equipped with the latest equipment such as LED monitors that are very energy efficient.

Both lecture theatres are equipped with a TPMC-9 touchscreen. Everything has been automised: from the lighting to the external blinds. The sound and movement detection system ensures everything shuts off automatically as soon as the auditorium is vacated. The detection sensors also help in creating the perfect sound environment. There is a full HD projection via analog and digital techniques and a possibility to have audio conferences.

Sound is an extremely important factor in audio conferences which is why AVEX has carried out an acoustic study for the big meeting rooms and auditoria which helped AVEX in determining which audio product to use.

AVEX opted to use more Crestron solutions in the break out area and the fitness area. In the break out area LED monitors and a TPMC-4 are controlling the music and the presentations.

The building has now been in use for a couple of months and the feedback by the employees has been very positive. ‘The Crestron system is extremely user friendly and of superior quality’, says Dieter Van Rooy.