Customised Home Comfort

Customised Home Comfort

The average modern family is a hard concept to quantify as their ages, activities and professions will shape both the family model and their lifestyle requirements. This modern smarthome home in Belgium has been tailored to the specific needs of this professional couple’s young family and business and thanks to the Crestron control solutions inside, it is far from average. 

The stunning home has been carefully designed to accommodate both the owners’ young family and their successful business. The front of the property houses the office space which is shielded from the adjoining roads and to the rear is the secluded family space, complete with full Crestron home automation for added comfort and integrated luxury.

Based in Leuven, Belgium, integrators Verbinnen Audio Video Projects was charged with expanding upon the existing AV installation at the property to incorporate the latest Crestron whole-home technologies. After close consultations with the family this was to include Crestron’s pioneering DigitalMedia operating platform and Audio Distribution System, Crestron’s multi-room audio solution as well as user friendly touch screens for futureproofed and intuitive operation.

The external appearance of the building is aesthetically striking and the quality of the finishing is second to none with the materials being formed specifically to fit the dimensions of the structure. The owners were keen to maintain this level of engineering and the bespoke element of the external design also extends to the AV installation inside the property. 

As the owners work in automation and computer science they were exacting in their desire for the optimum smarthome setup. The family spends much time in their television room and the ample Loewe flatscreen is able to display, simultaneously, the security cameras at the front door when someone arrives. Via the Audio Distribution System by Crestron, the family are also able to enjoy music across the entire property via a combination of wall mounted docking stations situated across the property and Crestron touch screens.

The two pool areas offer a real wow factor with the outdoor pool boasting integrated music control, poolside ornaments and large sunscreens and the inside pool its own bar. A touch screen that sits next to the bar allows both family and guests to adjust light levels, music, video feeds and all other aspects of the integrated AV systems.

The kitchen is also integrated on to the DigitalMedia backbone with its own AV feed, Bowers & Wilkins speakers and iPod docking station. Along with the other rooms in the house the kitchen blinds and curtains are also controlled via touch screens for effortless control.

The Crestron controls also allow for scene setting with both sight and sun screens and wall lighting having been bought into the Crestron fold. Through the combination of these controls and the option of adjusting blinds and lighting, this system represents not just labour saving qualities but allows a significant saving on energy consumption too.

The master bedroom combines the best in luxurious smarthome technology with understated cool. For example, a flat screen television mounted to a pole rises from a wall mounted closet which hides the necessary cabling from view. This final aspect of the installation emphasises the essence of the Crestron integration, being both omnipresent but discreetly managed and hidden from view the Crestron technology works with the building and for the owners.