To the Manor Reborn!

To the Manor Reborn!

A Tudor house,remodelled in 1803 and turned in to luxury apartments in the 1980s; the building has seen more than its fair share of refurbishment. But, for one technology loving couple, the modernisation of this imposing property did not go quite far enough! So, they set about a technological overhaul which has turned their stately apartment into a state-of-the-art home, offering them the ultimate lifestyle of comfort and convenience.

With their home automation aspirations high, this busy commuter couple turned to leading systems integrator, ClearSphere, to realise their dreams and the result is an intuitive and all-encompassing system. From intelligent mood lighting, to occupancy-based heating, to multiroom audio and to energy management and monitoring; this is one property with impressive technical credentials and whose intelligent systems can even be remotely controlled by iphone, redefining the concept of phoning home! With such a lot of technology in situ, ClearSphere choose a Crestron Total Home Technology package to manage, integrate, and control, all the systems and technologies that keep the homeowners comfortable, entertained and secure. And, so that the property’s hi-tech specification doesn’t compromise its clean, minimalist interior; clever technology from Future Automation has been used, with maximum effect, to ensure that everything is seamlessly integrated. Even the 120” HD home cinema disappears completely when not in use!  Throughout the property award-winning Crestron technology streamlines and simplifies all the automation elements, eliminating the need to walk from room to room to adjust the lighting, temperature, security or audio visual components. Whether from the TPMC-8X wireless touchpanel, the TPMC-4XG handheld touchpanels or the TPS-6L wall mount touchpanel, total control is at the fingertips, wherever you are.  

“Crestron are a powerful brand with a product range that is robust, reliable and user friendly. They are regarded, both by industry and end user, as the market leader in home control. Furthermore, their broad product range that includes lighting control, AV and home cinema really singles them out from the competition and made them the obvious choice for this project.” Explains ClearSphere’s Alistair Ingram. 

Nowhere in the property is the technological provision more prevalent, yet less obvious than in the living room. This is certainly one area that keeps its technological secrets well hidden, thanks to Future Automation’s ingenious devices. The mixed use room boasts not only a flat screen television for everyday viewing, but also a projector-based home cinema system – not that you’d know it! A Future Automation picture lift mechanism allows the flat screen television to be completely concealed in a recess behind a piece of artwork, until required. Whilst the company’s innovative Box Lift allows ClearSphere to deliver the big screen thrills of a home cinema without the projector permanently on display by providing a lifting platform so that the Panasonic HD projector can be hidden within a cabinet, before rising vertically on demand. 

“Future Automation’s superbly engineered automated mounting solutions are a firm favourite.” Adds Alistair. “Their comprehensive range covers pretty much every automation application you could think and a few you couldn’t! This combined with simple installation and a range of control options, makes for a very installer-friendly product and one that was crucial to the aesthetic success of this project.” 

Elsewhere, the entertainment provision goes on; high-performance surround sound and multi-room audio distribution is provided by Crestron’s Adanto Media System (AMS) whilst APAD wall mount LCD controllers ensure that music can be accessed throughout, at the touch of a button. A CEN-IDOC provides an interface to owner’s iPod, enabling full 2-way touchpanel control and navigation. Simply plugging the iPod into the docking station allows them to replicate the iPod experience on the Crestron touchpanels, instantly sharing their entire personal music collection with speakers throughout the house. 

Precision control of HVAC ensures that the property operates as efficiently as possible. Five heating zone valves are controlled via a Crestron DIN Rail CH-RIO8-9 relay, with the temperature of each room fed back from thermostats in CNX keypads. In addition to the zoned heating, the property has a number of features designed to further reduce energy consumption – a ‘no standby’ system for AV equipment, a ‘house off’ switch at the front door and energy monitoring via touchscreen displays. Efficient lighting control is provided by Crestron’s CLX-series lighting control module which is housed within a CAEN automation enclosure. A Crestron 2-Series Control System is the brains behind the integrated automation solution, with every audio, video, and environmental element of the property becoming integrated and accessible through the central control system. And, more of that iphone control – the device can be used to remotely control everything from heating and lighting, to music television and CCTV ensuring that the home remains, efficient, secure and welcoming at all times – now that’s what we call a smart home!