Crestron announces updates to Sonnex range

Crestron announces updates to Sonnex range

Crestron recently announced updates to its Sonnex range at Infocomm 2012. The new SWE-8 and S-EXTI-24X8, enhance the options for the multiroom audio system which features audio transport technology, which transmits 48 channels of uncompressed 24-bit HD audio across a single shielded CAT5e cable.

Providing extra unamplified stereo zone outputs, is the new SWE-8, which allows for further expansion into localised amplification for end users that already have Sonnex audio systems. The SWE-8 is an expansion switcher that provides 8 zone outputs consisting of 4 analogue line-level and 4 SPDIF digital outputs. All eight outputs also include Crestron Home (CH) CAT5 balanced audio outputs for long-distance wiring applications.

Also announced at the show was the Sonnex Link over Fibre Extender (S-EXT1-S) which extends the Sonnex Link providing electrical isolation for long-distance and/or outdoor wire runs. The S-EXT1-S allows 24 inputs to be sent to an outbuilding up to 610m away from the main rack, ideal for properties with outbuildings such as pool houses, stables, offices and guest quarters. The Crestron S-EXT1-S is an optional accessory for Sonnex and is ideal for providing high-performance signal extensions.

“The SWE-8 and S-EXTI-S further enhance the popular Sonnex complete solution for multi-room digital audio distribution,” says Phillip Pini, Systems Design Engineer at Crestron. “The SWE-8 can be used for long-distance wiring applications, feeding remote equipment such as powered subwoofers, headphone amplifiers, phone systems (for music on hold) and AV receivers located throughout the house. The S-EXT1-S is ideal for providing high-performance signal extension, plus optical isolation against lightening surges and other electrical disturbances. It is also easy to install with each component able to be mounted discretely in the back of an equipment rack or to any suitable flat surface.”

Blending high-performance digital audio processing, full-matrix switching and high-powered amplification into a single component, Crestron Sonnex redefines audio distribution for the digital age. With all-in-one, high efficiency hardware design and an exclusive single-wire digital bus, Sonnex technology dramatically advances performance, output, efficiency and ease of installation. It also substantially reduces the hardware and cabling requirements of traditional systems; all that is needed is a single shielded twisted pair wire, home run to the master system in the rack. Gone are the days of purchasing separate amps, preamps, switchers and the extensive cabling required to connect them.

The Sonnex multi-room audio distribution system draws incredibly low power for even more savings. Its energy-efficient, cool-running design conserves rack space by eliminating the need for empty space between components.

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Wednesday, June 27, 2012