Control Systems


Fully integrated home automation, building control, AV and environmental control is simple with Crestron 2-Series Control Systems. As the brain of any automation solution, every audio, video, and environmental element of the home, boardroom, classroom, or command center becomes integrated and accessible through Crestron advanced control systems. Unmatched in power, performance, reliability and scalability, Crestron 2-Series control systems provide the smart choice for today's demanding and complex control applications.

Choose a model number below. Products are grouped by subcategories. Most products have resources such as manuals, spec sheets and CAD drawing that you can download. Some resources are in PDF format which require the Adobe Acrobat® Reader which can be downloaded for free from our site tools page.

3-Series Control Systems
TPCS-4SMD 4.3" Touch Screen Control System
TPCS-4SM 4.3" Touch Screen Control System
RMC3 3-Series® Room Media Controller
PRO3 3-Series Control System®
MC3 3-Series Control System® w/infiNET EX® & ER Wireless Gateway
FT-TSC600 FlipTop™ Touch Screen Control System
DIN-AP3 DIN Rail 3-Series® Automation Processor
CP3 3-Series Control System®
AV3 3-Series Control System®
3-Series™ Card Interfaces
CEN-CI3-3 3-Series® Card Interface - 3 Slot
CEN-CI3-1 3-Series® Card Interface - 1 Slot
2-Series Control Systems
RACK2 Dual Bus Control System with Card Frame
QM-RMCRX-BA Room Media Controller and QuickMedia® Receiver
QM-RMC Room Media Controller
PRO2 Professional Dual Bus Control System
PAC2M Professional Automation Mini Control System
PAC2 Professional Automation Control System
MP2E Integrated AV Control System with Ethernet
MC2E Compact Control System with Ethernet
IPAC-GL1 Integrated Professional Automation Computer for Green Light Power Switching
DIN-AP2 DIN Rail 2-Series Automation Processor
CP2E Compact Control System with Ethernet
AV2 Economical Dual Bus Control System
2-Series Y-Bus Control Cards
CNXRY-8 8 Relay Control Card
CNXRY-16 16 Relay Control Card
CNXIO-16 16 I/O Versiport Control Card
CNXAO-8 8 Analog Output Control Card
C2VEQ-4 4-Channel Volume/EQ Control Card
C2IR-8 8 IR/Serial Output Control Card
C2COM-3 3 COM Port Control Card
C2COM-2 2 COM Port Control Card
2-Series Z-Bus Control Cards
C2ENET-2 Dual Port Ethernet Card
C2ENET-1 Single Port Ethernet Card
MPC Media Presentation Controller™
MPC-M50 MPC Media Presentation Controller M50
MPC-M5 MPC Media Presentation Controller™ M5
MPC-M25 MPC Media Presentation Controller™ M25
MPC-M20 MPC Media Presentation Controller™ M20
MPC-M10 MPC Media Presentation Controller™ M10
Multimedia & DigitalMedia™ Presentation Systems
MPS-300 Multimedia Presentation System 300
MPS-250 Multimedia Presentation System 250
MPS-200 Multimedia Presentation System 200
MPS-100 Multimedia Presentation System 100
DMPS3-300-C-AEC 3-Series® DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 300 w/Audio Conferencing Interface
DMPS-300-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 300
DMPS-200-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 200
DMPS-100-C DigitalMedia™ Presentation System 100
Cresnet® Control Modules
STI-PC Dual Power Control Module
STI-IO 8 Relay and 4 Digital/Analog Input Module
STI-CS Dual Current Sensor Module
ST-VS Video Sensor Module
ST-IO 8 Relay and 4 Digital/Analog Input Module
ST-CS Dual Current Sensor Module
DIN-IO8 DIN Rail Versiport Module
DIN-DALI-2 DIN Rail 2 Channel DALI Interface
DIN-AO8 DIN Rail Analog Output Module
C2N-VEQ4 4-Channel Volume/EQ Control Module
C2N-IO Control Port Expansion Module
Telephone Interface
CEN-TIA Telephone Interface Module
Slide Projector Interface
CNSC-1A Crestron CNSC-1A Slide Projector Interface
Power Sensors
STI-CS Dual Current Sensor Module
ST-VS Video Sensor Module
ST-CS Dual Current Sensor Module
CNCS AC Current Sensor
Power Control
STI-PC Dual Power Control Module
DIN-8SW8-I DIN Rail High-Voltage Switch with Digital Inputs
DIN-8SW8 DIN Rail High-Voltage Switch
CNPCI-8 Power Control Interface
Motor Control
DIN-2MC2 DIN Rail Motor Control
CNECI-4A Electrical Control Interface
C2N-SSC-2 Somfy® Shade Controller
C2N-SDC-DC Shade and Drape Controller, 24V DC
C2N-SDC Shade and Drape Controller, 120V AC
Cresnet Network Termination
ST-CNB Modular Cresnet Distribution Block
MPI-WP190 Media Presentation Wall Plate - International Version - Cresnet®
MP-WP190 Media Presentation Wall Plate - Cresnet®
DIN-BLOCK DIN Rail Cresnet Distribution Block
CSP-LSP Cresnet Lightning Strike Protector
CNTBLOCK Cresnet Distribution Block
CNRJ11 4-Wire Terminal Block to RJ11 Cresnet Converter
C2N-HBLOCK Multi-Type Cresnet Distribution Block
Cresnet Hubs
DIN-HUB DIN Rail Cresnet Distribution Hub
CNXHUB Cresnet® Hub
Cresnet Network Poll Accellorator
C2N-NPA8 Cresnet Network Poll Accelerator
Cresnet Control Cable
CRESNET-P Cresnet® Control Cable, Plenum
CRESNET-NP Cresnet® Control Cable, non-plenum
CRESNET-HP-NP Cresnet® "High-Power" Control Cable, non-plenum
CRESNET-DM-NP Cresnet® Dimmer Control Cable, non-plenum
Power Supplies
PW-4818DU 90W PoDM Power Pack for DMPS
PW-2420RU Regulated Universal Power Pack 24VDC, 2A (50 Watts)
PW-2407WURA Wall Mount Power Pack, 24VDC, 0.75A, 1.7mm, Universal
PW-2407RU 18 Watt Cresnet Power Supply
PW-1215 Wall Mount Power Pack, 12VDC, 1.5A, 2.5mm, US/NA
PW-12125DU Universal Power Pack for CCS-UC-CODEC-200
PW-1210 Wall-Mounted Power Pack 12VDC, 1A
PW-1205RU Wall Mount Power Pack, 12VDC, 0.5A, 2.5mm, Universal
PW-1205 Wall Mount Power Pack, 12VDC, 0.5A, 2.5mm, US/NA
PW-0510WUL Wall Mount Power Pack, 5VDC, 1.2A, Flying Leads, Universal
GLA-PWSI50 Wall Mount 50 Watt Cresnet Power Supply - International Version
DIN-PWS50 DIN Rail 50 Watt Cresnet Power Supply
CNPWS-75 75 Watt Cresnet Power Supply
C2N-SPWS300 300 Watt Cresnet Power Supply
Rack Mount Kits
ST-RMK Rack Mount Kit for 1RU Half-Width Devices
RMK-5U 5-Space Rack Mount Shelf
RMK-4U 4-Space Rack Mount Shelf
RMK-3U 3-Space Rack Mount Shelf
PLMK-IFE-101 IFE Pole Mount Kit
CNXRMAK Rack Mount Kit for C2N-HBLOCK and CNPWS-75
C2N-RMAK Rack Mount Kit for C2N-SPWS300 and C2N-NPA8
Expansion Card Cage
CAGE3 Control Card Expansion Cage for AV3
CAGE2 Control Card Expansion Cage for AV2 Control System
Serial Cables and IR Emitters
STIRP IR Emitter Probe
STCP-501 DB9M to RJ11 Adapter
ST-XX Custom Serial Interface Cable
ST-SPL IR Splitter
ST-MB "Master Blaster" IR Sprayer
ST-112 Mini-phone to Mini-phone Cable
PLMK-IFE-101 IFE Pole Mount Kit
IRP2 IR Emitter Probe
CSP-RS232I RS-232 Isolator
CNSP-xx Custom Serial Interface Cable
CNSP-112 2-pin to Mini-phone Cable
CBL-KSERIAL-DB9-L-P-50 RS-232 Projector Control Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
CBL-CAT5E-P-50 Ethernet LAN Cable, Plenum, 50 ft
IR Receiver
CNANT High-Performance Extension Antenna
ANT-EXT Antenna Extenders
System Tools