Home lighting control has never been this powerful, or easy. Crestron iLux™ Integrated Lighting System is a complete, integrated lighting system designed for wall mount installation in boardrooms, auditoriums, home theaters, or anywhere versatile and cost-effective control of lighting and shades is required. Crestron innovation and reliability, combined with high-quality integrated dimming, native shade control, configurable rocker buttons, designer 6-12 keypads, and many other advanced features make iLux the ideal choice for all types of room lighting and shade control applications.

Choose a model number below. Products are grouped by subcategories. Most products have resources such as manuals, spec sheets and CAD drawing that you can download. Some resources are in PDF format which require the Adobe Acrobat® Reader which can be downloaded for free from our site tools page.

iLux Integrated Lighting Systems - Accessories
CNX-B Designer Keypads
C2N-DB Decorator Keypads
iLux Integrated Lighting Systems
CLSI-C6RF iLux® Integrated Lighting System w/infiNET™ - International Version
CLSI-C6MRF iLux™ Integrated Lighting System w/Motion Detector & infiNET™ - International Version
CLSI-C6MEX iLux™ Integrated Lighting System w/Motion Detector & infiNET EX™ - International Version
CLSI-C6M iLux™ Integrated Lighting System w/Motion Detector - International Version
CLSI-C6EX iLux™ Integrated Lighting System w/infiNET EX™ - International Version
CLSI-C6 iLux™ Integrated Lighting System - International Version
iLux Expansion Modules
CLS-EXP-DIMU iLux® Universal Dimmer Expansion Module
CLS-EXP-DIMFLV iLux® 0-10V Dimmer Expansion Module
CLS-EXP-DIM iLux® Dimmer Expansion Module
Shade and Drape Controllers
C2N-SSC-2 Somfy® Shade Controller
C2N-SDC-DC Shade and Drape Controller, 24V DC
C2N-SDC Shade and Drape Controller, 120V AC