QuickMedia® transport technology streamlines presentation system design and simplifies installation by integrating 16 separate cables into a single CAT5-type wire. Deliverings the full-range of video including true HD; balanced and unbalanced, line and mic-level audio; and high-resolution computer signals - all over a single cable, QuickMedia is perfect for lecture halls, boardrooms, banquet halls, auditoriums - or any room used for multimedia presentations. QuickMedia solutions can even handle sophisticated rooms with an array of AV sources, multiple computer inputs and several input locations.

Choose a model number below. Products are grouped by subcategories. Most products have resources such as manuals, spec sheets and CAD drawing that you can download. Some resources are in PDF format which require the Adobe Acrobat® Reader which can be downloaded for free from our site tools page.

QuickMedia® FlipTops
QMI-FTMC QuickMedia® FlipTop Media Center - International Version
QMI-FTDC QuickMedia® FlipTop Data Center - International Version
QuickMedia® - Accessories
QMI-FTCMK FlipTop Cable Management Kit - International Version
QM-WMIC Microphone Input Module for QM Wall Plates
PWR-IT-B AC Power Outlet for International FlipTops™, Italy, Type L
PW-2420RU Regulated Universal Power Pack 24VDC, 2A (50 Watts)
MPI-WP182 Media Presentation Wall Plate - International Version - QuickMedia®
MP-WP180 Media Presentation Wall Plate - QuickMedia® w/Cresnet®
MK-QM-RMCRX Pole Mount Kit for QuickMedia® Receivers
IRP2 IR Emitter Probe
FT-TPS4-FP Engravable Faceplate for 3.6" FlipTop Touchpanels
FT-BTN Engravable Button Cap for FlipTops
CRESCAT-QM-NP QuickMedia® Cable, non-plenum
QuickMedia® Wall Plates
QM-WMC-VCC QuickMedia® Wall Plate Media Center
QM-WMC QuickMedia® Wall Plate Media Center
QM-WCC-2 QuickMedia® Wall Plate Computer Center, Dual Input
QM-WCC-1 QuickMedia® Wall Plate Computer Center, Single Input
QuickMedia® Transmitters
QM-TX2-MC QuickMedia® Transmitter Media Center
QM-TX2-CC QuickMedia® Transmitter Computer Center
QM-TX QuickMedia® Transmitter
QuickMedia® Receivers
QM-RX1-2G QuickMedia® Receiver w/Audio
QM-RX QuickMedia® Receiver
QM-RMCRX-BA Room Media Controller and QuickMedia® Receiver
QuickMedia® Switchers
QM-MDM3X1 3x1 QuickMedia® Mini-Switcher
QM-MD8X8 8x8 QuickMedia® Matrix Switcher
QM-MD4X4 4x4 QuickMedia® Matrix Switcher
QM-MD4X2 4x2 QuickMedia® Matrix Switcher
QM-MD16X16 16x16 QuickMedia® Matrix Switcher
QuickMedia® Distribution Centers
QM-MD5X1 5x1 QuickMedia® Distribution Center
QuickMedia® Distribution Amplifiers
QM-DA-8 1 to 8 QuickMedia® Distribution Amplifier
QM-DA-4 1 to 4 QuickMedia® Distribution Amplifier
QM-DA-2 1 to 2 QuickMedia® Distribution Amplifier
QM-DA-16 1 to 16 QuickMedia® Distribution Amplifier
QM-Series Amplifiers
QM-AMP3X80SR 3 Channel Sound Reinforcement Amplifier
QuickMedia® Audio Extractors
QM-AE4 QuickMedia® Quad Audio Extractor
QM-AE1 QuickMedia® Audio Extractor
MPS Multimedia Presentation Systems
MPS-300 Multimedia Presentation System 300
MPS-250 Multimedia Presentation System 250
MPS-200 Multimedia Presentation System 200
MPS-100 Multimedia Presentation System 100
QuickMedia® Cable
CRESCAT-QM-P QuickMedia® Cable, plenum