• CNX-B12: Black
  • CNX-B2: Black
  • CNX-B4: Black
  • CNX-B6: Almond
  • CNX-B6: Black
  • CNX-B6: White
  • CNX-B8: Black
  • CNX-B: Group
  • CNX-B12: Gold

Designer Keypads


Elegant designer keypads with large buttons, optional backlighting, built-in audio feedback, and temperature sensing. Available in a variety of finishes and gangable to support a variety of custom button layouts.

More Details

Elegant in their simplicity, Crestron® CNX-B Designer Series wall-mount keypads afford uncomplicated pushbutton control for a host of applications. These Designer keypads are at once attractive and versatile, offered in a choice of five textured finishes in configurations of two, four, six, eight, or 12 buttons. The buttons are large in size for excellent ergonomics with custom engraving available to provide clear designation of each button’s function. Every button is accompanied by an LED indicator, providing true status feedback for the most reliable operation. And, every button and LED is fully programmable for virtually any custom functionality, making CNX-B Designer Keypads perfect for controlling room lighting and shades, audio and video equipment, or any other application that demands simple, immediate, one-touch control.

The CNX-B Series includes additional features for enhanced usability, like audible feedback using your choice of custom WAV sound files. Use sounds to confirm a pressed button or a response from the device you’re controlling, sound an alarm, or provide helpful voice prompts. An onboard temperature sensor is also built-in for general monitoring of room temperature. Backlit engraving is even available on black models for enhanced visibility in a darkened room.

Each CNX-B keypad mounts in a standard electrical gang box and includes a matching 1-gang faceplate. Optional 2- and 3-gang faceplates are available to allow up to three keypads to be installed side-by-side. Metallic faceplate covers are also offered in a variety of elegant designer finishes to fit over the 1-, 2-, and 3-gang faceplates. Or, select an Architectural Series faceplate for a decorative sculpted appearance composed of solid metal in a choice of contemporary finishes (1-gang only).

Please note, the almond textured (-A-T) and white textured (-W-T) finishes currently offered are not the same as on older almond (A) and white (W) models. When ordering, please be sure to specify the model number exactly as shown in the price list or on the "Models & Accessories" tab. If you require buttons or keypads to match the older almond or white finishes, please contact your Crestron representative.

  • Architectural Series solid metal faceplates also available
  • Available in 2, 4, 6, 8, and 12 button configurations
  • Available in five designer finishes with optional metallic faceplate covers
  • Backlit button option
  • Built-in temperature sensor
  • Cresnet® wired communications
  • Customizable audio feedback
  • Customizable button engraving
  • Designer wall-mount keypads with large buttons
  • Gangable for up to 3 adjacent keypads
  • Red LED feedback indicators
  • Standard electrical box installation

Audio Feedback Format WAV, 8 bit PCM, mono, 8 kHz sampling rate
Features Built-in speaker for audio feedback
File Capacity 101 WAV files maximum, ~56 seconds total time, 512 KB total memory
Backlight Orange LED backlight, software-adjustable intensity
Button Caps Includes blank button caps;
Custom engraved button caps available separately;
Optional backlit engraving available for black buttons only
Keypad Buttons Configurable for 2, 4, 6, 8, or 12 programmable pushbuttons, depending upon keypad model
NET (1) 4-pin 3.5mm detachable terminal block;
Cresnet® slave port, connects to Cresnet control network
Chassis Plastic
Faceplates Includes a 1-gang plastic faceplate color-matched to the buttons;
2- and 3-gang plastic faceplates available separately;
Optional metallic faceplate covers available to fit 1-, 2-, and 3-gang plastic faceplates;
1-gang "Architectural" faceplates also available
Mounting Mounts in a 1-gang electrical box or mud ring;
Gangable up to 3 adjacent using optional faceplates (sold separately);
1.5 inch (38 mm) minimum mounting depth required
Depth 1.54 in (39 mm)
Height 4.77 in (121 mm) with faceplate
Width 2.92 in (74 mm) with faceplate
Humidity 10% to 90% RH (non-condensing)
Temperature 32° to 113°F (0° to 45°C)
Feedback (1) Red LED per button;
Programmable, software-adjustable intensity
Cresnet Power Usage 3 Watts (0.125 Amps at 24 Volts DC)
Accuracy 1.8° F (1.0° C) with all LEDs and backlight off
Precision 0.18° F (0.1° C)
Range 32° to 113° F (0° to 45° C)
Type Linear, digital
2.6 oz (74 g)

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